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Collective B: Wonderful World

Date: March 15, 2019
Time: 21:00
Location: Studio ALTA U Výstaviště 21, 170 00, Praha 7
Event Type: Performance
Organised By: Live Performance Bazaar, z.s.

Contemporary dance, physical theatre and live music weaved together into a massacre on the scene. Somewhere between realism and slapstick, the two main characters “Peace” and “Love” fight relentlessly against violence. Violent images, taken from the media, transposed by movement and music, with seriousness or humour, create paradoxes and at the same time clarify and widen the meaning of violence.

Collective B plays with different aspects of violence, representing it in various exaggerated, intense shapes. Mainly choreographer Mourlam is referring to violence presented as entertainment, creating a confrontation on stage between pleasure and pain, in which the viewer might slip into passivity, voyeuristic fascination, anxiety or emotional shock.

Expected premiere: February 2020 at WUK performing arts, Vienna.

Collective B is a performative art collective based in Vienna, directed by emerging artists and cultural managers Alja Ferjan (Slovenia), Elsa Mourlam (France) and Sonia Borkowicz (Poland). The collective is noted for the blending of several artistic disciplines, primarily contemporary dance, but also contemporary music, theater, visual art, cinema and literature. Sharing a variety of cultural resources, collaborating with a wide range of artists, international cultural and educational institutes, as well as with local communities, Collective B gives rise to atypical and authentic works to be presented in theatres and festivals worldwide. Longing for a living well together, each of the Collective B productions ground on a sensible and detailed artistic research that springs forth from a critical thinking on human issues. Its strong commitment is to social reflection, highlightting the relevance, value and impact of art.


Concept & Choreography: Elsa Mourlam

Dance: Sonia Borkowicz & Elsa Mourlam

Music Composition: Tomáš Novák

Live Music: Christopher Haritzer, Tomáš Novák, Florian Strober

Light design: Yoan Mourlam

Assistance: Alja Ferjan

Make up artist: Barbora Mlezivová



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