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Hodworks (HU): Grace

Date: March 14, 2019
Time: 20:00
Location: PONEC - divadlo pro tanec Husitská 24A | 899, 130 00, Praha 3
Event Type: Představení
Organised By: Live Performance Bazaar, z.s.

Grand opening of the 2019 Bazaar Festival

The stage as a place to feel totally free and totally safe. Dance that vibrates with emotion, spontaneity and truth in precisely choreographed situations.
In Adrienn Hód’s abstract glamorous revue, Hodworks present a ceremony free of norms, a naked communal confession with four open and flashy chorus girls in a stream of consciousness between personal stories and fragments of current social discourse. The magic of both joy and pain, a ritual bath in the limelight, rich and loud stories of passion, a march towards ecstasy, electro and classic burlesque.
Where are our experiences and sensations legitimate? Many human feelings or states are “forbidden”, not allowed to be shown. Art can be an alibi for all this. On the altar of art you can do things that are forbidden in real life. Thus, art is a game, an alibi of freedom.” – Adrienn Hód

Presentation in Prague supported by: Hungarian Institute in Prague and PONEC – the dance venue
With text in English and Hungarian, with Czech subtitles

HODWORKS company, founded in 2007 – develops productions in which Adrienn Hód deconstructs contexts of body, movement, space and music, rebuilding them in surprising ways. Her company is comprised of a small nucleus of freelance dancers that have kept on collaborating in recurring constellations for a number of years now. With their productions, Adrienn Hód managed to be elected into the European dance network Aerowaves three times, among other things, and she won the Rudolf Lábán Award as well as the Zoltan Imre Prize in Hungary in numerous instances. Hód conceives of theatre as a safe space in which topics and discourse may be fathomed to the full extent of their depths, and made visible artistically. Whether dealing with the radical exploration of naked bodies in Dawn (2014), evoking extreme conditions of emotional and linguistical expression in Conditions of Being a Mortal (2015), or sending her dancers, as flashy chorus girls, into an ecstatic stream of consciousness between personal stories and fragments of current social discourse as in Grace (2016): she always tries to push the boundaries of performative depiction and to open new space for perspective and narration behind taboos and conventions of gazes and expectations. The stage is a playing area to her, subducting itself from determination or interpretation of its signs. Her plays arrive at completely new dance forms and dramaturgic principles, again and again, radically rethinking the possibilities inherent in contemporary dance. HODWORKS emphasises the complexity and radicalism of personal expression, laying bare the multilayered constructs of identity. In this manner, Adrienn Hód’s works may also be read, in the context of endangered artistic and personal autonomy, as marking a movement of defence and of re-obtaining said autonomy.

TICKETS  250 CZK | students 150 CZK


Performers and co-creators: Emese Cuhorka, Marcio Canabarro, Ivan Björn Ekemark, Csaba Molnár

Dramaturgy: Ármin Szabó-Székely

Music: Márk Bartha

Light: Miklós Mervel

Choreography: Adrienn Hód

Duration: 75 minutes

Special thanks: Studio Wayne McGregor for providing TED Talk audio extract, Júlia Garai, Éva Kormos, Annamária Láng, Zoltán Mizsei, Zsolt Sőrés, Marco Torrice, Tamara Vadas

Supported by: Ministry of Human Resource (H), National Cultural Fund (H), New Performing Arts Foundation (H), Workshop Foundation (H), SÍN Cultural Center (H), OFF Foundation (H)

Presentation in Prague supported by: The City of Prague, Ministry of Culture Czech Republic, The State Cultural Fund of the Czech Republic,  Hungarian Institute in Prague and PONEC – the dance venue

Hodworks: Grace – trailer from hodworks on Vimeo.

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