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ras Spielraum & Collective Waves (CZ/DE): UNDER THE SURFACE (WORK-IN-PROGRESS)

Date: March 27, 2022
Time: 20:00
Location: Alfred ve dvoře / in the Courtyard
Event Type: Work in progress and discussion

Coal mines are among the world’s most oppressive environmental issues and not only in the present. The history of coal is brutal, full of tragedies and catastrophes, while the negative consequences of mining intersect with human lives and the natural world. This project highlights the concrete impacts around Gatzen, Germany (close to the city of Leipzig) and aims to open a dialogue that is both local and global. Szymanski and collective pose uncompromising questions. Who among us really thinks about the sources of our energy, especially in the European context, where energy is taken for granted? Are we willing to give up the advantages of civilisation for the benefit of our planet? Geological processes and power machinations play out inconspicuously; they may be invisible at first glance, but they are still happening. Under The Surface invites the viewer into a space where we can establish a relationship and collectively try to heal post-mining syndrome. This live, performative project is rooted in the organicity of the human body, nature and the landscape.   

Moderated discussion with artists after the performance.

A collective of artists from very different backgrounds creates the diversity necessary for dialogue in the broader sense, fusing an interest in 

rhythmic structures, visuality and communication with a long-standing interest in social issues and natural processes. The driving forces behind ras Spielraum and Collective Waves are performer, dancer and visual artist Kateřina Szymanski and performer, activist and environmentalist Kristýna Svobodová. The artists also invited performer/musician Jan Vorlíček and performer/dancer/musician Natascha Noack to join the project.

Collective: Kristýna Svobodová, Kateřina Szymanksi, Jan Vorlíček, Natascha Noack

Running time: 50 minutes

Partner for presentation at Bazaar Festival: ALFRED VE DVOŘE and Czech-German Fund for Future.

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