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Saturday Bazaar

Date: March 16, 2019
Time: 16:30
Location: Studio ALTA U Výstaviště 21, 170 00 Praha
Event Type: Performance
Organised By: Live Performance Bazaar, z.s.

The Saturday Bazaar is the core of the Bazaar Festival. Over the course of the event at Studio ALTA, audiences can look forward to four excerpts of future works by dance and theatre artists from North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and other countries. Excerpts will be followed by a moderated public discussion.

Excerpts to be presented are:
1) PROPHECY / Tabula Rasa (CZ)
3) SONGLINES / Tomáš Janypka (CZ/SK)
4) DRAG-ON / Steam Room (Aleksandar Georgiev and Zhana Pincheva MK/BG)

Tabula Rasa take inspiration from the Central European flea market and North American First Nations mythology, Tinka Avramova creates performance with performers who have never seen each other before, Tomáš Janypka tests the trauma at the core of our body and Bulgarian-Macedonian-Spanish Steam Room sets out to explore the political potential of drag.

TICKETS: 200 CZK | students 100 CZK

PROPHECY / Tabula Rasa (Jan Brejcha, Miki Zika and Jeník Tyl – CZ)
Object theatre bringing together North American First Nations legacy stories about the creation of the cosmos and the Earth, about the divisions between different peoples on Earth, about their calling, and the different directions they could take. Embracing the infinite exchange between the sacred and the profane, Tabula Rasa use unusual objects, miniature scenes and Haida nation totem masks with the power to open altars and tell their stories. Like shell gamers at some nineties’ flea market, the artists wish to reveal then suddenly hide possible truths.


Take two performers who do not know one another.

Work with each one separately.

Create two unique compositions based on each performer.

The first meeting. Place both performers on stage together for the first time in front of an audience.

Each performer shares their material.

The result – a shared moment in the truly unknown, unpredictable, and authentic.

SONGLINES: A detective story in dance / Tomáš Janypka (CZ/SK)

A personal expedition to inner space affected by the loss of somebody close to us, the absence of another presence. It is an intuitive search for what of the essence of absence can be shared with other people. The performance format has not been determined in advance, instead it is continuously taking shape with the consistent reopening of this fact.

Somewhere in this deep choreographic research lie long-sought answers to the question: how does powerful trauma influence the human body? Even though the sense of loss instills itself at our core and is practically invisible to the outside eye?

DRAG-ON / Steam Room (MK/BG/ES)
Part of a trilogy of works looking at queerness* as an artistic approach and an ideology, defined by relations between the body as protest and the body as celebration. Choreographic work focused on dragging practices** as well as the disidentification of bodies** and the boundaries around them, through dance. For the Saturday Bazaar, the makers have chosen to include local dancers in the process. STEAM ROOM is an artistic and cultural non-formal organisation guided by Aleksandar Georgiev, Zhana Pencheva and Darío Barreto Damas.

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