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We are pleased to announce an open call for artists in residence,

who will present their emerging work during the Saturday Bazaar (25 March 2023), part of the Bazaar Festival’s 2023 programme.

Who are we looking for?

Independent and innovative artists from the Czech Republic and central and eastern Europe, who are currently working on new theatre or dance projects. The theme of this year’s festival is connected to care, in the sense of caring for oneself or someone else, but also in the sense of surveillance, manipulation and control. We are also happy to consider projects that do not deal with this theme directly, but respond to current ecological and social crises. The call is intended primarly for small scale collectives (up to 5 members).

We offer:

1. Short, 7-14 day residencies (accommodation, rehearsal space) in residential spaces in the Czech Republic (Prague, Žďár nad Sázavou Estate, REZI.DANCE Komařice), which will take place from 13-26 March 2023.

2. A 2-hour technical rehearsal with technical support one day before the showing at the Saturday Bazaar.

3. The opportunity to present a 15-minute extract of an emerging work (with 45 minutes of set-up/preparation); 4 projects will be presented during the Saturday Bazaar.

4. Free participation in a workshop on giving feedback. Participation in the workshop is an integral part of the residencies and appearance at the Bazaar Festival.

5. A discussion after each extract, as a means of useful and constructive feedback on the project, which may influence the ongoing creation process.

6. The opportunity to view other emerging and fully developed projects and meet innovative artists and representatives from the independent artistic communities of central and eastern Europe.

Further financial support from the festival:

Support will be granted on a contractual basis, following the delivery of the event, assuming that all contractual conditions have been met. The amount of support will be paid without VAT. Financial support will be calculated according to the following limits:

Travel costs: a maximum of 5,000 CZK / person, determined by distance.

Honorarium: 400 CZK / person / day + 5,000 CZK / ensemble for the presentation of an extract from the work-in-progress.

A contribution of 1200 CZK / person / day for artists not staying in a residency centre.

How to apply?

If you are interested in a residency and presenting an extract from your future project, please complete the application form via this link by 25 January 2023 at the latest. The results will be announced by 8 February 2023.




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