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What threatens society today? What long-term problems and issues are we dealing with? Europe, and with it the whole world, is not only stirred by war, but also other socio-political problems. We have discussed the climate crisis and the state of our landscape for many years, always with increasing urgency. These debates do not just play out in political circles; culture also gets significantly involved in the shape of the world and society. How are progressive, unconventional artists from central and eastern Europe responding to these issues? Prague’s Bazaar Festival of Theatre and Dance presents the work of these artists in its 8th edition, which begins now and runs through Sunday, 27 March.

The eighth edition of Bazaar Festival begins on 24 March at PONEC with Sergiu Matis.  The renowned Romanian choreographer, long based in Berlin, dives into storytelling, myth and our own origins in a performative dream made up of movement, dance and sound recordings of extinct bird species. This collaboration between three foreign artists and young Czech artists and youth is such a unique event that it will be staged twice during the festival: once as part of the opening event and again on Friday evening. 

The seventh anniversary of Bazaar Festival of Dance and Theatre will begin in just a few days. As has become tradition, viewers can look forward to works by artists from central and eastern Europe, but this year will be a bit different. Prominent European scientists focusing on the climate and biodiversity crises and the state of our landscape will step into the art world for a series of discussions.

The Bazaar Festival thus becomes not only a cultural event, but one that connects the worlds of science and culture in an innovative and provocative way and issues a call to action to the viewer. The theme of this year’s festival, which takes place in Prague from the 27th to 30th of August is We the Landscape (?). 

Dear friends of the Bazaar Festival, after months of hard work we admit defeat today to the (after) effects of Covid and regulations limiting the travel of artists from Russia. Although we are sad we are unable to present legendary AKHE Engineering Theatre of St. Petersburg to you and their magnificent DEMOCRACY this year as planned, with hope in our hearts we summon the supernatural forces of Czech art collective WARIOT IDEAL to open our festival’s WE THE LANDSCAPE edition instead

Our environment. It’s been a burning question over the last few decades, but perhaps it’s more relevant than ever in the time of Covid. How does this theme intersect with the art world and how are innovative, independent artists from Central and Eastern Europe responding to it? Taking place in Prague from 27-30 August, the 7th edition of Bazaar Dance and Theatre Festival asks: Are we the landscape?

The Nature of Us
Artists-in-residence Opportunities.
Research Sessions For Performance Projects about the Natural World.
Are you working on a movement or body-based performance project in 2021 or 2022 confronting art practices with concerns about the environment and you are working and living in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland or Slovakia? If so, our Nature of Us open call is for you! Sign up right now.
DEADLINE: Application will close on 20th June 2021 at midnight.
Applicants should choose artistic research sessions outside their own country.
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