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Date: March 23, 2024
Time: 20:00
Location: ARCHA+
Event Type: Lecture performance + short film + music + 10th Bazaar Festoval Party
Organised By: Live Performance Bazaar and ARCHA+

As we celebrate the 10th Bazaar Festival, we look at the youngest generation of artists’ different courageous practices, represented at ARCHA+ by Adam Dragun and co. We’re interested in the strategies they use, what boundaries they choose to cross and how they reflect on their work. And so this group of Slovak punk theatre makers, video artists and musicians gathers to present their work at ARCHA+ for this Bazaar Festival and Theatre Night.

Heard of Adam Dragun, the Slovak theatre and film director and singer from the synthpunk duo Berlin Manson? It’s time to get acquainted. As part of this year’s Bazaar Festival, focusing on courageous creative practices, we’ll be showing a video installation of his short movie Prcat, capturing conversations between a grandson and his grandparents in Slovakia. Gradually he manages to get the grandparents talking about things from their lives and youth that are not always openly shared across generations, let alone within families. 

In a short lecture performance, Dragun will then present his creative practice, which emerges from work with non-actorly material, an exploration of the possibilities and limits of intergenerational dialogue, obsessions with finding stories in the everyday and examining relationships between stories large and small and a fascination with radical honesty. 

The evening continues with an after party and music. Join us for the 10th Bazaar Festival party featuring DJ sets from FVLCRVM and I HATE BERLIN MANSON, experimenting with punk, rave and everything these genres can convey. At the end of the evening, Vermilion, one half of the duo Zaffer 9, will join the fresh wind on the Prague DJ scene. Central to her sets are deformed female voices and screams, adding a layer of rage to the otherwise romanticized gothic aesthetic.


Programme of the night:

  • 20:00 | A. Dragun’s lecture performance (30min) + screening of short film Prcat (30min)
  • 21:30 | FVLCRVM DJ set + I HATE BERLIN MANSON DJ set | 10th Bazaar Festival party
  • Vermilion

Language: Slovak and English



Lecture performance: Adam Dragun

Prcat film created by: Dragun, Štefancová, Czitó, Bango

Music: FVLCRVM, Adam Dragun, Patrik Nagy and others



Photo by @natytheninja


The SHARING COURAGEOUS PRACTICES project is implemented with the financial participation of the EU through the National Recovery Plan and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

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