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Date: March 23, 2024
Time: 15:00–19:00
Location: Alfred ve dvoře / in the Courtyard
Event Type: excerpts from works and discussion with artists
Organised By: Live Performance Bazaar

The Saturday Bazaar has become such an essential part of the programme that it has transformed into a festival within a festival. Newcomers and regulars alike can look forward to the Live Performance Bazaar Residencies showings on Saturday 23 March in their home venue, Prague’s  progressive Alfred ve dvoře Theatre.  Visitors will be able to catch a glimpse of extracts from works currently being made by dance and theatre artists based in Central Europe. It’s a direct and relevant dialogue with emerging art, which, in many cases, has yet to encounter an audience. Audiences, and their sensitive perception of what’s going on both above and below the surface, are necessary for the continued development of such works. Two Czech and two international groups, working with widely varied content and approaches will be featured. Stimulating moderated discussions will offer spectators an opportunity to reflect further on these provocative, surprising and fresh excerpts.


photo_©Vojtěch Brtnický


Program of Saturday’s Bazaar:

  • Daniela Komędera & Dominik Więcek (PL): SHIP TO WRECK
  • National Performance Art Theatre Collective (HU): MISS HUNGARY
  • Roman Poliák & Antonie Rašilovová (CZ): BACKDOORS TO PRAGUE CASTLE
  • Yana Reutova & coll (CZ/UA): WOMENHOOD

While Poles Daniela Komędera & Dominik Więcek are preparing to totally commit to becoming Florence Welch from Florence + The Machine and ballet dancer Sylvie Guillem, Hungarians Noémi Szántusz, Zsófia Rebeka Kozma, and Mikolt Tózsa try to live the Hungarian dream (or is it just a game? if so what’s the prize?). Slovak Roman Poliak and Czech Antonie Rašilovová’s performance research is into journalism– the courageous practice of radical journalism as a civic gesture. Ukrainian dancemakers Yana Reutova and Czech violinist Jana Kubanková take inspiration from a meeting with special Brazilian guest Clara de Costa, exploring how women can weave their own narratives, and identity.

The Saturday Bazaar program will take place in English.


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