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Date: March 25, 2024
Time: 18:30
Location: Theatre X10
Event Type: dance performance
Organised By: Theatre X10 & Bazaar Festival

In collaboration with Y Events, an experimental series from Divadlo X10 at the crossroads of theatre and visual art, we present Y: Sweat and Fire. The artists taking part in this curated evening explore the collective union of individuals through rhythm, sound, invisible waves, bubbling energy and the tension permeating the bodies taking part. A night structured through inhalations and exhalations, vibrating substances and sweaty bodies invites the visitor to embody a dreamlike experience of the here and now. A space where we surrender ourselves to the other. 

Part of this curated evening will be the performance FATIGUE, a movement-based performance by Hungarian artist  Viktor Szeri.

Rapid changes in mood, migraines, distraction and demotivation. More and more frequently, our age of burnout, artistic over-production and information overload, along with the global political situation, evokes feelings of chronic exhaustion in us. This can lead to a total loss of creativity and creative spontaneity. Instead in FATIGUE, award-winning performer Viktor Szeri uses the lens of burnout syndrome to explore the creative process and the limits of his body and mind. Rather than suppressing his apathy, he foregrounds it in his choreography. Courageously, he luxuriates in exhaustion and the desire to do nothing at all. His monotonous movements and empty expression induce a state of trance or timelessness in the audience, in which we might get lost, but can also find relief and an emancipating silence. When have you last allowed yourself to stop? When did you completely give in to exhaustion and listen to yourself? When have you genuinely paid attention to your own emptiness?


photo ©János R. Szabó

photo ©János R. Szabó

photo ©János R. Szabó

photo ©Iringo Simon
















18:30 | doors

18:30–20:30 | Eduard Adam Orzsulik & Evil Medvěd #performance

21:00–21:45 | Viktor Szeri: Fatigue #performance

22:00–22:30 | Vojtěch Märc #lecture

22:45–23:30 | Becka McFadden #performance


18:30–20:30 | František Fekete #installation

18:30–23:30 | adina malina, Al Yakubouskaya, Elena Pecenová #installation



Curators: Anna Chrtková, Petr Dlouhý

Artists: adina malina ▪ Al Yakubouskaya ▪ Becka McFadden ▪ Eduard Adam Orzsulik & Evil Medvěd ▪ Elena Pecenová ▪ František Fekete ▪ Viktor Szeri [Budapešť] ▪ Vojtěch Märc

Graphic design Y EVENTS: Terezie Chlíbcová



Created and performed by: Viktor Szeri

Music: András Molnár

Costume and set design: Csenge Vass

Video: Tamás Páll

Projection: Ákos Tóth

Lights: Ferenc Payer

Language: Czech and English


Viktor Szeri is a young independent performer, choreographer and dancer based in Budapest. His work is multidisciplinary, a meeting point for various artistic forms, and evokes a sense of direct proximity and intimacy. With spontaneity and the use of improvisation in the creative process, he strives to share deep emotions and a wide range of moods. Dance is fundamental in his life and work and represents the primary language through which Szerzi communicates with the world. Szeri received the prestigious Rudolf Lábán Award for dance for his solo Fatigue, which was also named to the international dance network Aerowaves’ “Twenty24 Artists” list. 

Theatre X10 expands its repertoire with the Y cycle, a series of curated evenings focused on contemporary performing arts, on connections between local and international scenes, on cross-genres and a search for new narratives, organizing structures and thematic frameworks. Y creates a shared spacetime which aims to find common grounds between theory, contemporary performance and immersive installation where artists, theorists as well as every (non) present attender are equals. The programme of the Y cycle is curated by Anna Chrtková and Petr Dlouhý.


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